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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your beef grass fed?

    • Yes but let's clear up what that really means for us​. The term "grass fed" is used by many as a generic marketing term that can be a little confusing.  Our cows are pasture raised and do eat mostly grass. We do feed hay in the winter when the pasture is covered in snow. We do also supplement with corn as a treat. We want to be able to interact with our cows so, yes, we bribe them. Before their butcher date we do slightly increase their corn intake to add a little more marbling to the meat.

  • Is your beef locally raised?

    • Yes. Our cattle are raised on our farm in Watertown, WI.​

  • Is your beef organic?

    • No​

  • Is your beef antibiotic free?

    • Yes but there's another buzz term that should be clarified. If any of the animals on our farm become ill and a veterinarian prescribes antibiotics, we will administer the medication needed to make them well.  That being said, we would never take an animal to be butchered that is still on medication.  We will always allow for the proper withdrawal time. ​ In fact, all retail meat is always antibiotic free. 

  • Why is your meat such a dark color?

    • When meat is fresh and protected from contact with the air it will have a purple-red color. Continued contact with oxygen and poor lighting is why beef is typically a much different color in a store.​

  • Why is the fat on your meat yellow?

    • A major factor is fat color is the vitamins in a cow's diet. Typically, pasture fed cattle will have a more yellow fat due to the amount of beta-carotene they consume.​

  • Do you butcher on site?

    • No. In order for us to sell retail cuts of meat it does get processed and packaged at a USDA inspected facility. ​

  • Will you be offering other meat?

    • Maybe. Watch for updates! Our main focus will always be beef but we may change it up from time to time.​

  • Can we visit the farm?

    • Sure! We are often very busy and not always home so please don't show up unannounced. Send us a message if you'd like to visit and we will try to make it work!​

  • Do you have a return policy?

    • No.  All sales are final but please reach out to us with any concerns about your product.

  • Do you offer shipping?

    • As of right now we do not but it is something we are looking into!

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